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Martin’s Day Goose Feast

Martin’s Day, 11 November, is the last day before the Advent, when feasting is still allowed. St. Martin’s Day isdeeply rooted in Hungarian culture, when goose delicacies and new wines are served on the festive table. According to popular wisdom, “whoever does not eat goose on Martin’s Day will starve for a whole year.” In this spirit, every year, restaurants offer Martin’s Day goose dinners, which are a truly exciting way to enjoy before the end-of-year festivities.

This year, the Martin’s Day Goose Feast will return to Debrecen’s main square, where traditional Martin’s Day delicacies will be served, including goose legs, goose pie, stuffed cabbage with goose meat, wheat stew, foie gras with onions, goose porridge and goose sausage, and, of course, new wines. New this year is the addition of duck legs as some people prefer duck meat to goose.

In addition to the Márton’s Day Goose Feast taking place on Kossuth Square from 10-12 November 2023, a number of Debrecen restaurants will be offering Márton’s Day delicacies to gastronomy lovers, including the following: