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Night of the Zoo 2021

Every year comes the night when the animals play the lead role! On the last Friday of August, between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m., Debrecen Zoo is organizing the Zoo Night for the 10th time. The event promises a unique summer evening program. This year, you can take a look at Africa’s diverse wildlife and culture, organized by the Zoo and collaborating partners.

night of the zoo 2021

This magical evening is a great opportunity to gain an insight into the mysterious nightlife of the inhabitants of the Zoo, which is now home to 190 species. Throughout the Evening Animals in Action program, you can follow the evening brushing routine of the beautiful Nile hippos, Linda and Siegfried, witness the feeding of the now three-member marabou team, and you can learn the story of Cody, the hand-raised Bennett kangaroo, at the premiere of the short film about him. And the boldest can get to know and love the animals they may not encountered close up at the Palm House Courage Test – in fact,

True to the decades-long tradition of the event, there will be no shortage of performers and programs: life-size sand sculptures, a fire juggler demonstration, sand animation, illuminated minerals, a scented garden walk, African weapons, and music-dance productions held in a ferocious African atmosphere!

Uniquely in the country, the evening zoo experiences are complemented by amusement park adventures provided by 23 of our theme park rides, including the Apollo-X, which is equipped with professional lighting and sound technology.

Admission to all program elements is free with admission to the event. Admission is available at a uniform price of HUF 2,700 per person. In addition to the entrance, the Magic Armor, which also provides unlimited use of amusement park slot machines, is HUF 3,700 per person. Accelerated tickets can be purchased online and in advance, although both types of tickets can also be exchanged on site during the event.