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Night Ride II – Cyclists will bring light to Debrecen

Night Ride II – Debrecen is only a few days away and the city will be covered in light as cyclists make their way through the city. The event was a great success last year and in 2019. This year,  the cycling parade is being organized for Flower Carnival week again.

The aim of the II. Night Ride Debrecen event is to activate the cycling community in Debrecen, to promote cycling as an alternative form of transport. It also aims to promote a healthy lifestyle, and sport activity, and raise awareness of Debrecen as a cycle-friendly city.

The organizers keep in mind the epidemiological recommendations of the Operational Group, therefore they try to minimize the number of participants by 500. Debrecen institutions, companies, and NGOs can participate in the parade, inviting a maximum of 20 people per team. Individuals and families can attend in advance subject to registration.

The gathering will be at University Square (in the paved area in front of the main building) on ​​August 15th from 7 pm. There will be a trial presentation, and after a brief introduction to the parade teams, the cycling will start at 8 pm. The expected arrival at the II. Pope John Paul Square, where a surprise program awaits the audience at 9 pm.

The route includes Egyetem tér – Egyetem avenue – Bethlen utca – Hatvan utca – Kossuth tér – Piac utca – Kossuth utca – Burgundia utca – Rákóczi utca – Péterfia utca – Simonyi út – Pallagi út – II. Pope John Paul Square.

The bike ride is led up and closed by a police escort from the beginning to the end of the parade. The parade is assisted by the members and volunteers of the Good Biking Cycling Association (Jó Bringázás Kerékpáros Egyesület).

The organizers request everyone to keep a distance of 3-4 meters from others. 

Wearing a face mask is also recommended.

More information about the event can be found here >>>