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On Forest Paths, Water Waves – Showcase Exhibition

An exhibition about Nature can be seen in the shop window of the Kölcsey Center, facing Hunyadi Street, guides you into the wonderful world of forests between 1st April and 2nd May 2021.

Zoltán Váradi, the head of the Nature Museum, draws the attention of those interested to the showcase exhibition, which can be seen for a month, with the following thoughts:

Have we ever wondered what the forest is? For many, it is a place where we can walk pleasantly under the shady trees, listening to birdsong, deep breaths and relaxation. However, the forest is much more than that. A magical place full of secrets where trees talk to each other, birds fight fiercely for love, and where birth and passing happen at the same time. From the roots penetrating deep into the soil to the top of the tree canopy, life is effervescent at every level.

And without water there is no life. It is said that the water mirror soothes the man, the sunlight shining on him caresses the soul. The aquatic life is more than stunning, fish glide like birds in the sky, frogs call out on the shore, something roosts in the thick reeds. Everything is hiding. Some are lurking waiting for prey, others are seeking protection in the impenetrable depths. Something happens moment by moment, even in a single drop of water.

Wherever we are in nature, miracles await us which we realize how fantastic our world is and how much we have not seen yet.

What do we want to offer with our exhibition? Freedom of discovery! Be explorers! If you love nature, and are interested in the flora and fauna, you are a bit of an amateur diver, you will like the this NATURE showcase exhibition. We will show you the difference between a snail and a mussel, that the butterfly and the butterfly are not the same, the sea urchin has nothing to do with the hedgehog sizzling in the garden, and the artichoke is not a bird.

The showcase exhibition will be on display every day from 1st April to 2nd May 2021 in the shop window on Hunyadi Street facing the Kölcsey Center visible until 8 pm.