Welcome to Debrecen!


Our favorite cafes

September 29th is World Coffee Day! Speaking of which, we have gathered our favorite cafes in Debrecen, where you are always welcomed with fresh black and a good atmosphere.

Black Sheep Café & Kitchen: The first coffee roaster manufactory in Debrecen, where black is brewed from freshly roasted premium coffee beans every time. The cafe has recently been expanded with a kitchen, so it’s not only worth running in for a good black or a delicious breakfast, but even for a brunch. Their menu is just as appealing as their coffee selection.

More about Black Sheep: https://black-sheep.hu

Former Once Café: Perhaps the best-located café in Debrecen, with a wonderful view of the main street. Almost from the very beginning, one of the favorites of the locals, foreign students, also like to visit, for the international feel. Our favorite of their coffees is Cubano, but we can’t resist their fraps in the summer and their hot chocolates in the fall and winter either.

More about Volt Once Once: https://www.facebook.com/voltegyszercoffeeshop

Vintage World: This café with a flower and gift shop has opened in one of the old town halls on Arany János Street. If you want a romantic atmosphere or want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, here you will find peace and, of course, delicious coffees and cakes. We especially recommend the back terrace of the café, where there is little more intimate, cozy space in the city.

More about Vintage World: https://vintageworld.hu/

Café Frei: This national and even international store network soon became popular, where everyone has their own favorite. There are also two cafés in Debrecen, where you can indulge in the joy of coffee. We love it because there are so many attractive coffee specialties on the drink menu from all over the world that it’s worth coming back again and again because there’s always something waiting for us that we haven’t tasted.

More about Café Frei: https://www.facebook.com/cafefreidebrecenfoter

Cut & Coffee: A real local curiosity is this café, designed together with the hairdressing salon, which is located in the most cozy downtown area of ​​Debrecen, Hal. We like to jump out here during the day for a frothy coffee or a cappuccino, because we will always be in a good mood here. It is also ideal for a work meeting or a friendly conversation at the end of the working day.

Learn more about Cut & Coffee at https://www.facebook.com/cutandcoffee

Character 1517 bookstore and cafe: Another place we prefer because of its atmosphere. Behind the Great Reformed Church, a bookstore and café built between glass walls always exudes such Zen serenity that we can find peace here even on stressful days. For this, a delicious cappuccino or one of the best hot chocolate in town is just icing on the cake.

More about the Character 1517 bookstore and café: https://www.facebook.com/Karakter1517