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Vangelis Film Music Concert

Among the greats of music in filmmaking, The Greek, Vangelis features alongside Hans Zimmer, Ennio Morricona, and John Williams, as one of the few whose audiences know not just the music but the author of the music.

To enter the halls of fame, Vangelis wrote the soundtracks of “the Fire Chariots” in 1980 and for which he won an Academy Award for the “Best Original Score”; the “Winged Bounty Hunter,” as well as the musician who composed the music of the 1492 films, including “The Conquest of Paradise,” these titles and others that established his world fame, will be performed with a symphony orchestra in Debrecen.

Unfortunately, we cannot see Vangelis himself (now 78 years old) among the concert participants, but the monumental pieces will be accompanied by a symphony orchestra of nearly eighty people. Of course, the visual experience is also added to the concert; special scenes come to life on a huge LED wall in the background. The large-scale concert commemorating the work of Vangelis was first seen in Europe in the Arena in Hungary, and now he is also visiting Debrecen.

The Vangelis film music concert will be shown on October 3, 2021 @ 7 p.m., at the Kölcsey Center in Debrecen.