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Rednekk BBQ Competition

Rednekk BBQ is looking for extreme BBQ’ers and capsaicin fans in Debrecen! If you think you can handle it, and love BBQ food then the place to be is Rednekk BBQ on Saturday 22nd of October. The event is co-organized by Rednekk BBQ & BAR team and Sándor Bogár (Sárréti ChiliFarm).

From 2:50 p.m. opening ceremony of Sárréti ChiliFarm and Rednekk BBQ, rules presentation.
From 3:00 p.m. onwards, the power-eating competition starts.

Entry fee: 2500 Ft
Payment method: in person at the restaurant or by bank transfer.
Registration procedure: Entries can be sent to rednekkbbq@gmail.com.

To participate please provide:-

  • Name of entrant
  • Name and phone number.
  • Payment method

The competition is open to a maximum of 20 brave, determined capsaicin addicts. The participation fee is 2500 HUF, which can be paid by bank transfer or in person at Rednekk BBQ&BAR restaurant (Debrecen, Nagyerderi Park 1).

Registration deadline. October 15th, 2022

Competition Details

The competition will feature 3 types of meat, chicken leg (1pc), and pork ribs (1pc), and this year the last course will be a Carolina giant steak burger. (1pcs).

In the same tournament order, the dishes will be in the same order of strength with a slathering of the Sárreti chili sauce, plus a fresh chili pepper to go with each course!

The winner will be the one who orally devours the listed dishes the quickest to the last bite. (Exception to the bone in the first two courses.)

Participants can bring a supporters.


Winner – 1st place:

  • Trophy Cup
  • Sárréti ChiliFarm product selection worth HUF 20.000
  • HUF 20.000 Forint worth Rednekk BBQ dinner invitation
  • Sárréti ChiliFarm a visit with lunch, product demonstration, and tasting for 5 persons.

2nd place position

  • Certificate
  • 15.000 HUF Sárréti ChiliFarm product selection
  • 15.000 HUF Rednekk BBQ dinner invitation

3rd place:

  • Certificate
  • 10.000 Forint worth of Sárréti ChiliFarm product selection
  • 10.000 Forint Rednekk BBQ dinner invitation

About Rednekk BBQ:
Authentic BBQ food in Debrecen for on-site consumption, using a unique fusion of BBQ technology and street food genre. Beef, pork, and turkey are uniquely prepared using a charcoal-fired Iron Block BIG cabinet smoker, set up in the restaurant’s kitchen, over acacia wood log smoke at low&slow temperatures of 110-120 degrees Celsius for long periods of time, up to 12-14 hours depending on the type of meat.

Photos and video of the event, live Facebook check-in.

Location: The gourmet promenade in the Great Forest, opposite the water tower, is open every day from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Sign up now: rednekkbbq@gmail.com