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Charity Fun Run on the Hortobágy

What began as a community jogging event has now become a nationwide, multi-site charity fun run, the third time this year that the initiative has raised awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the need to help children with leukaemia.

The Leukaemia Foundation’s charity run will again take place in a special place: on Saturday 22nd October, the runners will be able to run in the Hortobágy, the oldest and largest national park in Hungary.

At the start of the run, the little heroes who have recovered and/or are in the process of recovering will start the run together, giving great strength and energy to the children and their families.

By entering, you can support children with leukaemia currently undergoing treatment.

As well as helping children in need of treatment, the programme is also about supporting local tourism, as participants can relax in special places of tourist interest during the run. As well as soaking up the beauty of the landscape, participants can also take photos of themselves at smile spots along the route and use the smiles to encourage the little Heroes currently undergoing treatment.

Details of the fun run:

Date: 22nd October 2022 (Saturday).
Location: Pusztai Zoo – Hortobágy National Park

Start: 10:00 a.m.
Deadline for entries: 15th October 2022 – Hortobágy Hortobágy Park Hortobágy Hortobágy Park (Hortobágy Park Hortobágy) – 15th October 2022


  • Children: 2 km
  • Adult: 5 km, 10 km, 32 km

For details and registration: see here.