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Reopening From 9th May Amusement Park Celebrating 60 Years

On May 1th 1960 the Nagyerdei Cultural Park opened its doors to the public. Built under socialism times, the then-named Lúdas Matyi Amusement Park was later merged with the Zoo.

Since its foundation, the Cultural Park has been characterized by constant renewal. Over the past sixty years, generations of visitors have grown up gaining eternal experiences, and the park has grown into one of the region’s leading tourist, leisure, and entertainment destinations.

The amusement park has been closed since March 17 due to the pandemic but on May 1st, it will celebrate its Diamond Jubilee just before the reopening. Thanks to epidemiological mitigation provisions, the Zoo will receive visitors thereafter from May 4, while the official jubilee season at the Amusement Park will begin on May 9, subject to additional institutional public health measures.

60 years Debrecen Amusement Park

After extensive mechanical maintenance during the closure, several attractions have been renewed externally to greet the general public who want to have fun and relax in all their splendor. After their restoration, the peaceful “Paribas of Lovasforgó”, which is of great industrial value, will once again shine in their old splendor, but one of the families’ great favorites, the Duck Train, is also waiting for passengers.

In line with the expectations of the age, last year both the Amusement Park and the zoo introduced online ticket purchasing and a free visitor wifi network.

There will be no shortage of novelties this season either. Those interested in acrobatic forms of exercise can try their hand at the park’s latest attraction, the four-person bungee trampoline, as early as this weekend. Debrecen, May 1, 2020