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Roncsbár is Celebrating its Ten years Anniversary

Roncsbar, Debrecen’s ‘ruin’ pub opened on Friday 13th April 2012 making the pub 10 years old today. They are proud to welcome people from all walks of life, those who are interested in rock music. Beyond this the bar has a social role, and engages with the city authority and its citizens, joining to work with Tourinform and Rocksuli to be a part of local events. For example, most recently hosting the Made in Debrecen Festival.

Over the last ten years Roncsbar has hosted 500+ concerts and 1,200 live music productions. It’s other claim to fame is that the bar is the 3rd largest draft beer consumer in Hungary!

Roncsbar has national ambitions in making Debrecen goto place for Rock, therefore is intending to expand, and with this expansion will be able to accommodate additional cultural attractions as well.

Celebrating the 10th anniversary with a party on Friday, 15th April, Fish! and Lofti Begi will take to the stage, the jury will have as guests Ganxsta Zolee, Ivan & The Parazol, Siska Finuccsi and Mészáros Dóri, Bochkor Gábor, Kara Misi from Magna, Jimmy from Kowalsky, there will be surprise stars and games, but also all-day drinking at Debrecen’s coolest and friendliest nightclub.

Source: Haon