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Several New Hotels to be Developed in Debrecen

Following the successful developments of recent years, the Aquaticum SPA hotel and spa complex will soon be expanded with additional investment. In addition, a new hotel is opening in the city center.

The new Aquaticum Debrecen Water park in the Great Forest was a great success during its opening summer. This was despite the fact that it could have been kept open longer into the autumn due to the warm weather. The number of visitors was higher than expected, CEO of Debreceni Vagyonkezelő Zrt. Virág Kocsik-Marossy reported to the local newspaper.  More than 161,000 people visited the beach between June opening and September close.

The new investment of the Debrecen Spa, the construction of a new hotel in the area between the Strand Water Park and the adventure pool is building upon this success. The hotel is still in the planning phase but the tender for construction plans has already been closed.  During 2021 the plans will be finalized and then the investment will begin.

Strand Hotel, Adjacent to the Water Park

The hotel is being built with state support within the Kisfaludy tourism development program. Debreceni Gyógyfürdő Kft., owned by the Debrecen municipality, will receive HUF 4 billion 396,5 million state support for the construction and operation of the new four-star hotel.

The Debreceni Gyógyfürdő currently operates Hotel Lycium in the city centre as well as the Aquaticum Hotel next to the spa. The occupancy of the Aquaticum Hotel was very high even before the pandemic, and the demand did not decline not even during the summer between the two waves of the pandemic. The establishment of a new hotel was discussed even before the announcement of the Strand water park investment. 

Füredi Kastély Kft. will also receive a significant amount of nearly 3 billion 658 million HUF in support in the Kisfaludy program and the establishment of another four-star hotel in Debrecen called the Smart Life Hotel Debrecen which will be located at Darabos Street No. 3-7. The company name has been changed from Füredi Kastély Kft. to “tetrecen Kft”.

Source: Dehir