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St. Martin’s Day Goose feast 2021

St Martin’s Day Goose feast has a long history, with written records dating back to 1711. It takes place on November 11th and is a remarkable day in terms of folk tradition, a key event in the traditional peasant folk calendar, and the last day of the fairs.

St. Martin’s Day also marks the end of the peasant year. According to folk tradition, the annual economic work was completed, and then the winter resting period of nature has begun. The maids then received their annual salary and a goose as a bonus.

On St Martins day the tradition is to bake geese and judge the new wine since it is already drinkable.  At the end of Martin’s Goose Roast Dinner, the local tradition known as Martin’s glass brings cheer, toasting with the mature new wine in celebration of this day. 

The marriage of local goose dishes from the great plain and the wines of Eger will give birth to a special festival in Debrecen. According to the children’s song, although it’s worth going to Debrecen for turkey, it’s the locally reared geese and the dishes made from them that attract visitors to the capital of the Great Plain around Martin’s Day.

The event turns Kossuth Square into a lively hive of activity, with the help of Eger winemakers and local bands.