Welcome to Debrecen!


The 3X3 Olympic Qualification will be held at the beginning of June

The Olympic qualifier for the 3×3 basketball discipline will be held between 4th to 6th June in Debrecen.  So far, in Debrecen, no Olympic qualification tournament has been held in any sport before, so this event to be held at the beginning of June will be a pioneer in several respects. 

Against the backdrop of the iconic Reformed Great Church of Debrecen, the Hungarian national teams will also have a chance to launch their Olympics dreams on a path to the Tokyo Olympics.

Between 26th and 30th May, 20 teams per gender will compete for 3-3 place in Graz. From our national teams, only our women’s team will compete in Austria, so the students of Andrea Károly will have a chance to get to the summer Olympic Games before the Debrecen tournament.

The teams of the nations that did not make it to the last two Olympics in “big field” basketball, can still fight for a place right here in Debrecen. 

Accordingly, based on the world rankings, the International Basketball Federation has selected six national teams to travel to Debrecen, and further three teams by gender are on the waiting list, if one of the selected teams would win a place in Graz. 

The women and the men national team of Hungary can compete in Debrecen, however, the women’s team has the chance to win a place in the Graz tournament.

The organizers will set the exact schedule after the Graz tournament, but it is already certain that Friday and Saturday group matches will run from 6pm to 9pm, while Sunday placers will run from 3pm. 

Admission to the tournament will be free of charge but the latest restrictions on sporting events must be observed and kept during the event.