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Children’s Day Programs

The last weekend of May ends with International Children’s Day on Sunday. This year UNICEF has themed this special day to “Unite to reverse the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on children“. There are plenty of events for children and families throughout the city of Debrecen. Here you’ll find our choice from among the many options.

The below underlined, event titles are also links to the websites where further information is available.

Children’s Day at the Zoo and Amusement Park

Debrecen Zoo is a firm favorite throughout the spring and summer, but especially on Children’s day because events are scheduled throughout the weekend. This year they have packed schedule with back to back events, there is no time to be bored, with the in-between moments available for visiting the animal enclosures. An itemized events list in English can be found here.

Children’s Day with Vojtina in the Great Forest

Just across from the Zoo and Amusement Park is the Great Forest, and among the trees and foliage is the the Nagyerdei Outdoor Stage and cultural park. On the 30th of May is a series of performances on the Outdoor stage and the Vitéz László stage.

Outdoor Theatre Debrecen

János Szerencsés – the three golden hairs of the devil

Our János (John in English) embarks on an adventure to obtain the three golden hairs of the devil, and what can he gain in return? Maybe a treasure? Land? Or maybe the king’s daughter’s hand? – watch the performance to find out!

The Ugly Little Girl

Not much information on this one just cryptic questions, what is the protagonist’s motivation and why do the urchins help him, – the furriers son, and why has Isabella grown so large? Who will go to the masked ball? So many questions… watch the performance to find the answers!

Matthias the King

The play “Matthias, the King”, is the story of the king and his chef, a character who longs for a new kind of taste and food, the story will come to life on the Nagyerdei Outdoor Stage.

Outdoor Stage

⌚️11.00⌚️ János Szerencsés, or the three golden hairs of the devil

⌚️15.00⌚️ János Szerencsés, or the three golden hairs of the devil

Vitéz László Stage

⌚️11.00⌚️ The ugly little girl

⌚️13.00⌚️ Matthias the King

⌚️15.00⌚️ The ugly little girl

Access to the Nagyerdei Outdoor Stage is via the side (right side of the buffet) entrance.

Registrations are welcome until 12 noon on May 28th at the e-mail address organizes@vojtinababszinhaz.hu, at 06/52 418 160 and from May 25th at the ticket office of our puppet theater.

Children’s Day weekend in the Agora

Is a balloon difficult to burst?

Made for Agora Kids Day, in a new performance, balloons get cold, warm, change shape and become heavy, while we can observe various physical phenomena amid inevitable balloon bursts. In addition to spectacular experimental demonstrations, many a special scientific adventure and playful tasks await children on both Saturday and Sunday, but they can also take an imaginary tour of the Solar System and explore the Botanical Gardens.

In addition, it is worth revisiting the Agora’s interactive space, where you can find out, among other things, which instrument can be played without touching, why ships disappear in the Bermuda Triangle.

The adventure center is traditionally open with a discounted ticket on a children’s weekend. The entrance fee is uniformly 1000 HUF / person both days.


Both days at 11am, 2p.m. and 4 p.m.

We recommend the performance from the age of 6 at the youngest. In addition, only a limited number of visitors to can attend the program. Registration is at the checkout.

Creative Science: Balloon-Driven Vehicles

Permanent programs available on both days

Balloon-powered vehicles can be made both small and large. Create a rocket or a “hovercraft”. Through this exciting creative task, children can learn about some of the science phenomena and, of course, take the finished creations home.

We recommend the program for those aged 5 and above.

Location: Interaktív tér

Naprendszertúra (Solar System Tour)

Saturday, May 29th, 2021, at 12 p.m, 1 p.m., and 3 p.m.

Guided by an astronomer, visitors can visit Agora’s Solar System model, completed just last year, in which our star, the Sun, is symbolized by the building’s 11-meter-diameter firewall. During the design and construction, the model makers followed two systems of ratios: in reality, the distances between the planets are 25 billion times and their dimensions are 127 million times larger than the exhibited models. The huge gas planets took shape in the Agora workshop for weeks before they got their final shape and color. The four rock planets were made with a 3D printer, located next to the stone bridge over the lake.

During the 20-minute walk, visitors can learn many interesting things about the planets of our Solar System.

Secrets of the Botanical Garden

Sunday, May 30th, 2021, 12 p.m. 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.

What has fir-tree had to do with Lombardy in Italy? What do the roots of swamp cypress look like? After how many years do cones appear on giant mammoth pines? During the Botanical Garden Tour, touching the statues of Mihály Fazekas and Sámuel Diószegi, it becomes clear how many new plant names are due to the authors of the Hungarian Herb Book, and those interested can roam the paths, most of which date back to the 20th century. It was developed in the first half of the 19th century under the botanical guidance of Rezső Soó.

The event will be approximately a 40-minute program, wear clothing suitable for forest walks.

MODEM Children’s Day Doodles: Event 1 and Event 2

In association with the exhibition of Zsolt Ferenczy Klónia is a childrens art class, themed upon the works of art by the artist. The art class will be held Sunday morning at 10am in Modem by Kitti Csőke art teacher. Children between 6-10 years of age are welcome but must pre-register. There is a class limit of 15.

Below are some examples of works by Zsolt Ferenczy Klónia. Why not visit the exhibitions while your children have fun!

Déri Museum Children’s Day Bag

Visit Déri museum and on entry children can get a mystery free gift at the reception for those 0-18 years of age.

Children’s Day Slag Racing & Running Bike Race

Debrecen’s SpeedWolf Speedway Team invites visitors to their opening event of the season. The main event is the first round of the Slovenian-Hungarian-Slovak Individual Championship, launched just this year. In the race, 16 competitors from the three federations will compete. The system of conducting the competition is the same as in the EB races, ie after the 20 basic races there will be a semi-final and then the final will close the fight.

Before the main event @3pm will be a bike race (traditional pedal bikes) in a single round which children can join safely via a treadmill system (helmet still required) for the ages 2-6 years old. Free children’s day sweets for all participants!

The Gold, Silver and bronze finishers can hand over the cups at the awards ceremony after the main slag motor race event at around 16:30.

The main event begins at 15:15.

After the 12th race there will be a RUNNING COMPETITION FOR CHILDREN A round on the slag track on two legs: * For our 7-14 year old fans!

Ticket prices and other information: they can be found in a separate entry on our facebook page!

DKV Children’s Day Special Ride

The Debrecen Cultural Center and Youth House, in cooperation with DKV Zrt., will launch special routes on tram lines 1 and 2 on Saturday afternoon, May 29th, 2021, in celebration of Children’s Day. The Curious Lady and her fairytale band, as well as a balloon clown will bring a good atmosphere and an adventurous trip.

Tram 1

Departure times on line 1:

  • From the direction of the Grand Station: 14:00, 15:00
  • From the direction of the Nagyerdei Boulevard: 14:15, 15:15

On tram line 1 it is only possible to get on and off the special service at the Main Station or at the terminals of Nagyerdei körút.

Departure times on line 2:

  • From the direction of the Grand Station: 16:00, 17:00
  • From the DAB headquarters stop (in the direction of Doberdó street): 16:15, 17:15
  • From the DAB headquarters stop (in the direction of the Grand Station): 16:25, 17:25

On tram line 2, you can only get on and off the special service at the Grand Station and the DAB headquarters stops.

Passengers are asked to comply with epidemiological rules regarding mask wearing and distance.

Zsuzsi Erdei Vasút

The forest train and Trinity have rested so far, and now they are waiting for their nature-loving visitors again. On May 30th, at 10 o’clock when we celebrate the important day of the younger ones with steam. The Steam locomotive returns back to town at 13 o’clock.

Zsuzsi Steam Train

Children’s day Obstacle Course

Come and play sports together outdoors!

1000 ft / 1 lap
1600 ft / 2 laps

Below a height of 120 cm, only an adult can participate in the sports field. Each adult attendant must also pay a participation fee.

Minimum age for participation: 2 years
Participation fees are purchased on site.