Welcome to Debrecen!


The Best of the Hungarian gastronomic world moves to Nagyerdő on the first weekend of July.

The best of the Hungarian gastronomic world moves to Nagyerdő on the first weekend of July. The festival is once again organised under the guidance of the Stylish Rural Gastronomy Association (SVÉT). The SVÉT organisation brings together Hungary’s high-class rural gastronomy, restaurants, and bistros, as well as stylish rural hotels and guesthouses, in addition to confectioners, artisan breweries and bakeries are part of the organisation to complete the unique culinary palette.

László Ruprecht, president and founder of the SVÉT, Ádám Mészáros, two Michelin-starred chefs, the head of the Clarisse kitchen at BOTANIQ Turai Kastély* restaurant, and Ádám Thür, the chef of Ikon Debrecen, the fine dining representative of Debrecen, are members of the festival’s professional staff, who are also responsible for ensuring that the event is presented with the best possible offer.

The dishes of the 6th Debrecziner Gourmet Festival are inspired by the forest. This is one of the main innovations of this year’s event, as in previous years the definition of the ingredients has been the backbone of the offer. This innovation has proved to be a lovely solution, which has received a positive response from exhibitors, who are able to create much freer and more creative menus in terms of ingredients, spices, or serving. International flavours, and vegan and omnivore delicacies will be added to the culinary palette at the huge open-air tasting.

Over these three days, Debrecen will showcase the country’s gastronomic curiosities in both food and drink. Restaurants from Palkonya, Lajoskomárom (Lake Balaton), Szentendre, Budaörs, Budapest, Tura, Bér, Mályinka (Bükk), Boldogkővárala, Eger, Encs, Miskolc, Tiszafüred and of course Debrecen and its surroundings will be presenting unique dishes. Bistros from beyond the border will also be present, so visitors will be able to wander around the festival site on a very extensive gastronomic map, geographically speaking.

The big thing on Friday, Day 0, will be street food: burgers, steak bakes, pizza, international delicacies, and ice creams. A relaxed, laid-back, hammock-and-bean-bag picnic atmosphere is expected that day. Street food exhibitors will entertain the forest with spectacular barbecues, including locomotive smokers and a huge ring of fire, while the delicious smokiness of barbecue and the smell of herbs will waft around the shores of Lake Frog.

You can meet The Leves + Borsod Burger, My Mum Said, Babka Budapest, Black Sheep, Clarisse, Nurfish, Duck You, Gléda, Grillakadémia, Horgonzo Kisvendéglő, IKON Debrecen, Jardin confectionery, Kis Padlizsán, Macok, Mákvirág, Malom Udvarház, Mariska, Meating, NPK BEEF, PalKonyha, Panificio Il Basilico, Páskom Cottage, Mályinka, Raclette by Lili, Rednekk BBQ, Sárréti Chilifarm, Szomszéd Bisztro, The Fishmonger – Budaörsi Halpiac, Endstation Miskolc, Vintage World Cafe & Flower, Wellington Coffee and Pie, Wok to Box and Zabbancs Kávézó.

In addition to the Hungarian offer, the festival and its professional partners will be honoured by the presence of Schwarz Bistro from Szeklerland, which will offer “classic” Transylvanian cuisine, but also Far Eastern, Italian, French and Hungarian flavours, sometimes mixed together. Recommended for those who are open to a little madness.

In terms of drinks, the kiosks use premium ingredients and offer a selection of top-quality wines, gin specialities, and brandies. Quite extreme, yet elegant and effortless gin pairings will be enjoyed by an experimental audience. The Bubble House of Törley Champagne Manufactory produces the liveliest sparkling wines, champagnes, and sparkling wines. Guests at the festival include Bestillo, Boutiq’ Bar, Bortársaság, Divino Debrecen and Zip’s, and VisitDebrecen will bring its selection of “Debrecen City Wines”. And Szentkirály Mineral Water will be responsible for the refreshing purity.

The aim of the low-cost ticket prices is to make this genre of culture as accessible as possible. Day tickets are available at HUF 1,990 and HUF 2,200 for advance purchase, while a three-day pass costs HUF 5,000. Tickets purchased in advance come with individually embossed tasting glasses, which are also worth choosing because they can only be bought or rented on the spot. Those who attend all three days will be able to taste and experience more dishes. It is also possible to buy a VIP ticket for HUF 20,000, which will give guests access to the VIP zone, where they can participate in exclusive tastings and spectacular cooking demonstrations.

The festival opens at 3:00 p.m. on Friday, and on Saturday and Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. On Saturday from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and on Sunday from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., there will be a programme of cooking demonstrations and events.