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The best street food places in Simonffy Street and Hal köz

In recent times restaurants’ have worked hard to supply an out-of-restaurant experience with home delivery. All of the below street food vendors below have provided great food and service through the endless COVID lockdowns. But as the lockdown eases and sunshine brings warmth, inevitably we all want to feel human again, emerging from our homes like bears from caves after hibernation.

We seek pleasant civilized surroundings and an atmosphere that includes fun and laughter with friends or family. Simonffy Street is often the go to destination for this. Here is a selection of outdoor places to eat in Debrecen on Simonffy.


This street food eatery opened in 2014 within the one of the most popular areas for food in Debrecen, Hal köz a pedestranized square to which Simonffy street leads to, and through to one side. Buri-Buri is most well known for its Burgers and is therefore thought of as a burger joint, they boast that their burger’s are made from 100% Hungarian Beef, however they do much more besides, no calorie counting here!

Come and treat yourself and check out their menu. Note, they also have a few token Vegi items as well.

The square outside is used for seating, and so is great during the warmer months. The product is always great value for money, – tasty.

Francia Tacos

Located on the left side of Simonffy, between the tram stop Városháza and Hal Köz is Francia Tacos, which as the name implies provides French style Tacos, which are a great option for a quick bite. While there is no luxury here, there is plenty of fresh air, a few tables and chairs, and in addition the surrounding restaurants lend a great atmosphere.

A Francia Tacos’ taco is great in the company of friends or for a quick lunch on the go. It certainly has its appeal during COVID19 times. What’s not to like about tasty Tacos?

Wok to Box

Wok to Box is a firm favourite for those who enjoy spicy, oriental flavours. This include Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese food, are all catered for here. With so much variety there is always something for everyone and with so many dishes you won’t get bored. For a taste of the orient in Debrecen, Wok to Box is your best choice.

Wok to box

Kovács Műhely

This pulled meat and burger joint provides burgers of impressive size and variety, these are supplied with steak chips, which other venues often lack. The only problem is that their burgers look too good!

Mouse over their burgers on their website and the zoom function kicks in and wow, unless you are vegetarian these burgers look as good as they taste, – mighty fine.

For the vegetarian inclined, note the Mega Vega Burger. Its description is appealing, even for the meat inclined. “Honey-lime mayonnaise, grilled onion, grilled mushroom, rukkola, mozzarella cheese, carrot “bacon”, spicy chickpeas patty”.

For the more adventurous inclined, check out their Cubano Sandwich.

Yes please!

MIR Kebab

The olden but golden option. We all have great memories from youth, of indulging in a tasty, messy kebab on a night out. At MIR Kebab, the kebab’s are consistently satisfying no matter the time of day. While the mess is entirely optional, depending on how you choose to eat it of course.

Located towards the beginning of Simonffy Street, its hard to miss. If you fancy a Kebab, then this is your goto place, even if your crowd want something else. Its all available on Simonffy Street.

Pizza Pomodoro

Last but not least, this Pizza place is right at the start of Simonffy Street on the right hand corner, with its name in red letters over the door. Enter and find a limited range of Pizza available by the slice, its ready to go, while others are available to order. The best thing about pizza is it is pretty much what you see is what you get and so its hard to go wrong as far as food selection goes. Pizza Pomodoro is the only Pizza place providing slices ready to go, and so if you are in a hurry this is a great tasty option.