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The Cold Place: Criminal Exhibition Opens

Szabolcs Barakonyi is working as a forensic aesthetics expert for four years. Now, he is presenting his photographs, taken at different crime scenes in the B24 Gallery.

Forensic science may be defined as the investigation of crime using scientific techniques and methods. Szabolcs Barakonyi carries out his work taking photographs at various criminal sites in Hajdú-Bihar County.

The forensic investigation is the first step of a police inspection of a crime scene, where the experts gather the clues and evidence needed to detect and prove the crime. Objects captured with a camera at various locations are an integral part of criminal-police work. The camera was first used in the history of domestic crime in 1861 at the crime scene of the death of Count László Teleky. The photographs taken there are still a significant documentary of domestic forensics.

Barakonyi’s pictures are not only valuable for forensics. He records the objects and evidence of a crime in the exact position where he found them at the crime scene. With the help of the photos, we can get an insight into the age, social, cultural and psychological environment we live in.

The exhibition is organized in cooperation with the b24 Gallery and the Police Headquarter of the Hajdú-Bihar County. The exhibition can be visited up until 30th of November.