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The Cultural Institutions of Debrecen Have Reopened

With the lifting of the epidemiological emergency, museums and cultural institutions in Debrecen have reopened. The Déri Museum, the Museum of the Reformed College of Debrecen, the MODEM, the Youth House and the Great Reformed Church await the visitors, cinema-goers can sit next to each other in the Apollo Garden Cinema, and the Méliusz Library has also removed visiting time restrictions.

“The government lifted the emergency, originally declared on 11th March, on 18th June, in parallel with epidemiological preparedness measures, with a view to eliminating the emergency”. Subsequently, the cultural institutions will reopen their cultural spaces to visitors on 19th June in accordance with the usual rules,” according to the statement of Debrecen municipality.

As described in this article, with regard to epidemiological preparedness, institutions may formulate specific recommendations (eg how to buy tickets, distance, the maximum number of visitors / spectators, etc.) in order to create safe conditions.

Many have been waiting for this reopening processes and are happy with this. Spectators can now sit next to each other in the garden forest cinema operated by the Apollo Cinema. Other cultural and public cultural institutions are also open now in Debrecen.

Apollo Garden Cinema

Rocksuli and Library

As János D. Halász, the head of the Youth House on Simonffy Street reported that they are also happy with this opportunity.

We have informed the organizations that have a legal relationship with us about this, we have indicated to them that we are waiting for them from Monday. All they have to do is request everyone who enters the institution to disinfect their hands with the equipment available.

János D. Halász

As you listed, they have lots and lots of plans. They want to have a big family day in early July, have camps, outdoor events, and as we’ve heard, rock school is starting, courses are continuing and I’m trying to catch up.

The Méliusz Juhász Péter Library also reacted to the decree issued by the government: the time bands were abolished. Thus, in the three already opened units of the Méliusz Library (Central Library, Benedek Elek Branch Library, Józsa Branch Library), they are waiting for their readers regardless of age during unusual opening hours.

Méliusz Juhász Péter Library

The Déri Museum Has Reopened

Those interested in visiting the Déri Museum can visit the permanent exhibitions and the temporary exhibition entitled Polgári sikk in the main building, as well as the Péterfia u. Also the halls of the Ferenc Medgyessy Memorial Exhibition.

The museum awaits its dear guests with unchanged ticket prices and unchanged opening hours (every day except Mondays) from 10 am to 6 pm. As they write in their statement: the staff of the institution do their best to protect visitors, there are hand disinfection points available to the visitors in several places.

For complete safety, the museum recommends that visitors wear a mask or a scarf or shawl to cover their faces. Face shields can even be purchased at the museum. It may also be – and is worth expecting – that they may have to wait to enter the Munkácsy Hall in order to avoid congestion.

Déri Museum

The other large art institution of the city, Modem, has also reopened its doors, you can read more about it here.

The Museum of the Reformed College

Now open after three months, the Museum of the Reformed College of Debrecen and the Magda Szabó Memorial House has reopened.

In addition to the cultural institutions, you can also visit the Great Reformed Church, the Apollo Cinema, and the Aquaticum Thermal Bath and the Aquaticum Mediterranean Adventure Bath.