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The Exhibition “Jelen” Shows the Final Exam of Graduating Art Students

The Medgyessy Ferenc High School and the Art Vocational High School presents the works of its graduating students for this year. 

The traditional final exam exhibition will now be exhibited in six locations in the windows of the city’s downtown shops. The animations, graphics, paintings, and sculptures of the 13th and 14th-grade graduating students will be exhibited, reflecting the theme defined for them at the end of their last year.

Although the topic “JELEN” (present) carried quite different meanings in December 201 than now;  the events of the first months of 2020 cannot be ignored and the works were born in this way. 

As a result of the changed everyday life, the question is if we will add different layers of meaning to these works? Will we see these pieces of artwork in the same way as we would have done it a few months ago? Can we detach from the context of today and see more than our present – when the present meant something completely different? Can the present be the past? 

PRESENT exhibition venues: MODEM – Baltazár tér, Piac utca 31., Piac utca 59., Piac utca 71., Piac utca 70-72., Piac utca 58.