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The inauguration of the Mercure hotel was held in Debrecen

The HUF 8.2 billion investment of the four-star, 155-room business hotel was supported by the Hungarian government with more than HUF 3.4 billion through the Kisfaludy program – it was said on the occasion that the contractors reached the highest point of the hotel building.

From the resources of the Kisfaludy program, 147 projects in Debrecen received HUF 19.2 billion and in Hajdú-Bihar 1,150 projects about HUF 37 billion in grants – listed  Péter Horváth,  CEO of Kisfaludy 2030 Tourism Nonprofit Development Ltd., mentioning that 186 renovated and 427 new hotel rooms will be created.

Gyula Szűcs, the chairman and CEO of Szinorg Universal Zrt., Which owns the builder Bajcsy-Invest Kft., Said that with the construction of the downtown hotel, the first international hotel industry brand, the Mercure hotel chain, will appear in Debrecen.

Visual design of the four-star business hotel
Photo: szinorg.hu

 Mayor László Papp spoke about the fact that the city is “facing a strong tourist autumn”. According to him, there will be a full house in all hotels this weekend as well, the number of guest nights increased by 11 percent in the summer compared to last year, and the autumn reservations show an even higher proportion. At the same time, there are currently about a thousand rooms missing in Debrecen, which is somewhat alleviated by the hotels under construction, he added.

Lajos Kósa, Member of Parliament for the region, called the investment of the Mercure hotel the first step of the Golden Bull block rehabilitation, followed by the renovation of the Golden Bull hotel in the investment of the  Mathias Corvinus Collegium. There will be underground parking in the area and the Jewish Quarter will be renewed as well. In the next 4-5 years, this will be one of the largest mass rehabilitations in Debrecen, added the former mayor of Debrecen.

The future 3,300-square-foot Mercure hotel will have 155 rooms on 310 floors with 310 seats, as well as a restaurant, bar, and lounge with nearly 120 seats and an open restaurant terrace. In addition, a 120-seat conference room and an underground garage will be built.

The business hotel in Debrecen is planned to be completed next summer.

Source: Turizmus.com