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The Magic Forest Project Continued

The Pallagi Road promenade is to be extended and new light display and water attraction to be added in the Great Forest.

In the first phase of the Magic Forest project, the promenade was built on the side of the new Debrecen beach facing Pallagi út. In the second phase, experience lighting and steam blowers will be installed on the promenade up to the St. Pope John Paul II Square (next to the Mist Theater). 

The investment of more than HUF 736 million will be completed by the end of June.

The contractors will also have to build a light display, a programmable water attraction at the square. The investment of more than 736 million forints will be completed by the end of June, local newspaper wrote. 

Mayor László Papp said  that the continuous renovation of the Debrecen Great Forest recreation area began in 2013, and since then Debrecen has received HUF 25 billion in development funding for this purpose. The Stadium, the open-air stage, the Fog Theater and the new beach were built, and Lake Békás has been renewed.

The city is also planning to build a new hotel in the area of ​​the new Strand Water Park and the design tender for the renovation of the Aquaticum theme park will be completed soon. The zoo and the amusement park will also be completely renovated, the mayor listed.

The design of the new beach was internationally recognized by featuring it on the cover of the Royal Institute of British Architects, the UK’s largest-circulation architecture magazine.

Diánles Széles, deputy mayor responsible for tourism development, said they are constantly working with the government to renew tourist attractions and create new ones to boost the city’s reputation and provide jobs for local SMEs.