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The National Youth Choir Will Perform in Debrecen

The National Youth Choir is touring once again, giving free concerts from 23rd to 29th July: it will present its new program in Tihany, Debrecen, Békéscsaba, Kecskemét and Budapest.

The aim of the National Youth Choir is to present the best of Hungarian choral literature of the 20-21st century in the spirit of the cohesion of the Hungarians in the Carpathian Basin. the results of high-level music education marked by Zoltán Kodály,and its community-building power, Philharmonic Hungary wrote to the Hungarian Telegraph Office (MTI).

As they wrote, singers who successfully compete in the group can take part in intensive preparation and then can go on tour to present their new show.

They will perform at St. Anne’s Cathedral in Debrecen on 25th July from 7.30 pm.

The Benedictine Abbey of Tihany will host the concerts on 23rd July, the St. Anne’s Cathedral and the main parish in Debrecen on the 25th, and the Great Lutheran Church in Békéscsaba on the 26th. On the 28th July, the choir will perform in the Piarist Church as part of the Kodály Art Festival in Kecskemét. In Budapest, on the 29th July, the public can meet the special formation at the Pesti Vigadó.

Conducted by Péter Erdei and Norbert László Nemes, the works of Sándor Szokolay, Zoltán Kodály, György Orbán, Máté Bella, Gyula Fekete, Péter Tóth, János Vajda and Levente Gyöngyösi will be included in the concerts.