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The Season Starts at the Aquaticum Debrecen Strand Waterpark

The Aquaticum Debrecen Water Park will open its doors to visitors on May 15th. This season will build upon the hugely successful first year of operation. Many lessons have been learned, customer feedback has been taken on board, and consequently a number of improvements have been made, ready for the summer season of 2021.

Mayor László Papp said in a briefing on Tuesday, “it is one of the most special Waterparks in Hungary, or perhaps we can say in all Europe” was handed over last year, and in June 2020 it could have opened. He reiterated that the Aquaticum Debrecen Waterpark had already set a record during the shortened season: it had more than 161 thousand visitors during the shortened season.

“As a result, we have articulated the ambition that in 2021, we hope to be able to use the Waterpark for the entire period and set a record again, in terms of visitor numbers,” the mayor said.

He highlighted: evaluating last season, several actions were taken based on visitor feedback. Many improvements and changes have been made to make the operation and use of the waterpark even more comfortable and convenient: among other things, the promenades have been widened, baby-mama rooms have been created, and stairwells have been covered.

“The waterpark is ready to open on May 15th, we will receive visitors from the 15th, and I hope that we will face a good, long, and exciting season,” said László Papp.

He added that after graduating last year, the graduating high school students were also entertained, this year will not be any different. The Debrecen Education Centre (Debreceni Tankerületi Központ) and the Debrecen Vocational Training Center will be consulted on the appropriate date when only graduating students will have the waterpark.

Lajos Kosa parliamentarian called it “one of the most exciting waterpark in the world”. The design team of the Aquaticum Debrecen Waterpark, BORD Architectural Studio, has also been awarded the Green Good Design award and the new Debrecen Waterpark is among the world’s top sustainable construction works in 2020.

He pointed out that although the waterpark is already very exciting, it is always worth thinking about how it can be further developed.  As he said, the improvements were based on the feedback of the guests, and he did not think that the idea of ​​bungee jumping or a cable car running through the top of the Nagyerdei Water Tower, for example, should be rejected outright.

nagyerdei beach1

We’re getting ready for the first full season. I think everyone should come out here at least once or twice. The facility management is thinking about expanding the relationship with the city’s leadership. There are fantastic opportunities here on the waterpark – said Fidesz MP and former minister Lajos Kósa.

Lajos Fazekas, the managing director of Aquaticum Debrecen Kft., talked about the fact that as the operator, their most important wish now is to have good weather on Saturdays, although usually the day of waterpark opening is always rainy, they look forward to Saturday with confidence.

Lajos Fazekas pointed out that many innovations, developments and precautions will await the guests and warned that only guests with valid vaccination certificates and those under the age of 18 arriving with them are allowed to enter the waterpark area, they are not required to wear a mask. The security card is only valid together with the presentation of an official identity card – identity card, driving license or passport – which the staff of the spa is entitled and obliged to check upon entry.

If the guest does not hand over the vaccination certificate and his / her identity documents for inspection, his / her entry shall be refused. Persons under the age of 18 who do not have vaccination certificate may only visit the spa under the supervision of an adult with a vaccination certificate. If the age cannot be established, – obviously, the guests are obliged to prove their age by presenting a photo ID (identity card, student ID), which the spa staff is entitled to check. Admission of guests from abroad will be provided on the basis of bilateral interstate agreements, in accordance with the legislation in force.

“We hope that with the vaccination of 16-18 year old’s – which will start in a few days – the circle of guests who can visit the waterpark will expand even more,” said Lajos Fazekas.


The Waterpark pays special attention to ensure all the conditions to control the pandemic in its area. Among other things, care will be taken to maintain a distance of one and a half meters, hand sanitizers will be placed at the entrances, and guest rooms and equipment and objects will often be disinfected. Workers can only get to work after measuring the temperature, and they are obliged to wear a mask.


After the opening, guests will be welcomed with several novelties and amenities, which will be fully available at the beginning of the high season, from mid-June. Among other things, the space in front of the food-truck catering units has been increased, ten new surface changing rooms have been installed at various points on the waterpark, the playground and outdoor fitness park have been covered with sun sails, a baby-mama room has been set up, and two new charging stations for topping up credit have been installed in the area next to the adult adventure pool and the children’s world.

Addition improvements include: –

  • Two more lockers were installed next to the existing three,
  • Two trampolines with jumping platforms were purchased,
  • A mobile soccer garden for children was installed,
  • Several outdoor waste bins were installed,
  • The range of catering units was expanded,
  • The main building staircases were covered

For the high season, there are plans to set up a guarded, indoor children’s playground, a children’s play area and to expand the number of sunbeds that can be rented. It is also planned to purchase umbrellas for rent and introduce online gift voucher sales.

Admission tickets

The price of tickets will increase by an average of HUF 100-300 this year. Debrecen residents with a Debrecen City Card can enjoy significant discounts and extended services in possession of tickets and season tickets. Among other things, a new ticket design with amenities, a combined Waterpark and Adventure Bath ticket will be introduced, and guests arriving with an online ticket will be assisted by two new, designed mobile check-in desks at the waterpark entrances and to facilitate online ticketing processes and new services. The sales and access control software of the spa complex was further developed.

Source: Dehir.hu