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The Top 10 Restaurants in Rural Hungary in 2020

The IKON in Debrecen is one of three restaurants in Eastern Hungary that ranks among the top 10 in the “Best Country Restaurants” list.

If you are interested in a Gastronomic restaurant tour in Eastern Hungary, then start in Debrecen because it is the gateway to the Eastern regions of Hungary via its International Airport and the M3 motorway.


In Summer 2019, Debrecen, a new chef arrived at the IKON Restaurant, straight from England. Since then the restaurant has offered a fine dining menu like no other in the city or region, with a clearer choice, and as for the food, – well the critics rave about it.


Macoks Bistró provides a great value, great service offering, locally referred to as the “Stellar star of Eger” (in Hungarian), it has improved its rank by one place this year. The restaurant provides a mix of traditional Hungarian cuisine and fine dining. The lunch menu and the evening six-course tasting menu are both very good and great value!


The restaurant “Anyukám mondta” in Encs, is once again the overall winner of the “Best Country Restaurants” list, – year after year they win. It also won the overall first place on the “Best Family Restaurants” list. On the “National – Overall” list the restaurant came 13th. Consequently, Encs as a place and the “Anyukám mondta” as a restaurant have become a site of gastronomic pilgrimage.

Now you might wonder what about the other 7 of the top 10 on the “Best Country Restaurants” list. Yes, we did omit them, simply because the three restaurants listed above are in the same area. They are either in, or to the North of Debrecen among the best wine regions in Hungary, – Eger, and Tokaj, so by combining wine and gastronomic tour of the area you get the best short break in Hungary.

Alternatively, you can just visit the Ikon Restaurant and forgo the traveling bit, because this particular restaurant has the best wines in the country available from all around Hungary. Including the “Wines of Debrecen”, but there is plenty else to do in Debrecen, Hungary’s second capital city!