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Themed Family Days Are Coming on Saturdays to Celebrate Autumn

Themed family days in the spirit of the harvest season takes place at the Dósa nádor square on Saturdays, from Michael’s Day to Martin’s Day. 

Those interested can enjoy music, dancing, handicraft classes, and many other surprises. 

The 10th of October will be about the harvest and harvesting, accompanied by folk shows, music, wine tasting, and handicraft fairs.

The grapes can be tasted in all possible forms such as fruit, pressed (known as “must” in Hungarian and is a must-try for visitors), or as a good wine. Although visitors have to pay for the wine, the grapes and “must” can be tested for free. 

Diverse Performers will also brighten-up the programs including:

16.00 Heit Lóri and her band

17.30 Bordó Sárkány Régizene Rend

The following events of the program series named “Kisfarsangi entertainments from Michael’s Day to Martin’s Day” include:- 

17th October – Autumn celebration

Paint an autumn composition, print, get acquainted with the techniques, look into the process of creation. 

Performers: Jazz Friends orchestra, Debrecen Saxophone Ensemble

24th October – Folk dance

Those interested can enjoy the fair of folk art products, and dancing with the Debrecen Folk Ensemble.

Performers: Tárkány Works, Bürkös Orchestra

31st October – Celtic Halloween – From Samhai to the Pumpkin Lantern

Visitors can become acquainted with the origin of Halloween, an event that has become very popular in Hungary in recent years! To evoke the past, ancient Irish-Celtic and medieval melodies are provided by Bran and Sonivius Vappae.

7th of October – Hunting and roaring – one with nature

Guardians of the balance of a thousand-faced nature await with family programs including craft classes and a street fair. Performers include Hahó Ensemble and Nimród Horn Ensemble (Nimród Kürtegyüttes)

14th of November – Martin’s Day berry juice tasting

“Martin is the judge of the wine” as they say, in Hungarian that is. The new wines must be tasted on this day. Visitors can try plucking the goose feathers, candle making and the art of writing with a goose feather. The music will be played by the famous Kelet Brass Band and Zűrös Banda.

Source:  https://visitdebrecen.com/hu/hot-now/szureti-vigassag-kisfarsangi-mulatsagok/