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Tour around Lake Tisza entitled “Cycle to the Green!”

Lake Tisza is the largest artificial lake in Hungary, it’s gone wild over the years, and now has a rich ecosystem, famous for its birdlife, and a wide variety of fun activities to enjoy. Its unspoiled, natural charm attracts more and more tourists, families, and recreation-seekers. One experience that shouldn’t be missed is cycling around the entire circumference of the lake!

You can squeeze a lot of sightseeing into a single day at a relaxed pace. The cycle path runs along the dam that surrounds the lake, so you can enjoy the large expanse of water with its unique atmosphere throughout the entire trip.

The first port of call will be at the Tisza Lake Water Trail in Poroszló where a 1500-metre-long boardwalk system is built on stilts above the water, where you can take a leisurely walk to discover the natural wonders of Lake Tisza. You can reach wild places you wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach on foot or by boat.

The journey will continue by bike to one of the many magnificent beaches around the lake – in the towns of Köre, Dinnyésháti, Sarud, Poroszló, Abádszalóki or Tiszafüred. You can get up close and see the many fish species passing through the Kiskörei Fishway (which is the largest ecological corridor in Central Europe). We’ll stay longer in this village, which has more to offer than just the fishway: the recently opened Lookout Tower, which depicts two ships’ hulls turned upside down, is also here. The structure, one of the highest points in the heart of the Plain, is a great example of the harmonious blend of steel and wood structures. From its roof, visitors can enjoy a magnificent view of the Kisköre harbour, Lake Tisza, Abádszalók Bay, and the hydroelectric power station. From here, a short detour takes you to the Kisköre Country House, which shows the equipment and lifestyle of a farmer’s family home. By the end of the day, we’ll have collected enough memories to fill an album.

The tour will start on the 11th of June at 9:00 a.m. in front of the lookout of the Tisza Lake Cycling Centre in Tiszafüred.

Route: Tiszafüred-Poroszló-Sarud-Dinnyéshát-Kisköre-Abádszalók-Tiszaörvényes-Tiszafüred
Distance: 68 km along a cycle path
Duration: 9 hours, including stops and sightseeing.
Costs: bicycle transport Nyíregyháza-Tiszafüred-Nyíregyháza 3000 HUF round trip (the service is available for a minimum of 12 persons).
Tip: If you can’t arrange bike transport, you can rent a bike at the Tisza Lake Cycling Centre.
Poroszló Tisza Lake Water Walk entrance fee: 1800Ft/adult ( visitors are taken to the walk by boat ).
Free entrance to the Kiskörei Landscape House
There is also the possibility to cycle the distance Nyíregyháza-Tiszafüred (120 km) for the more adventurous cyclists. For them, the organizers can arrange accommodation (tent or chalet) in the Tiszafüred Thermal camping for Friday (10th. June) and Saturday (11th. June) evening.

You can register until 07.06.2022 by email zoldkeroprogram@gmail.com or by phone 06 70 241 1800.
The cycling tour is part of the Cycle to the Green! The tour is part of a series of tours organised by the Hungarian Cycling Tourism Association with the support of the Active and Ecotourism Development Centre.

Everyone takes part in the tour at their own risk. For the safety of the hikers, we reserve the right to change the programme.