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Tour De Hongrie Starts on August 29 With Hajdú-Bihar County as the Second Section

The 41st Tour de Hongrie cycle race starts at the Basilica of Esztergom and ends at the top of Kékes mountain. 

Károly Eisenkrammer, the main organizer of the Tour de Hongrie, said that due to the coronavirus, it was necessary to make some changes to the route originally planned for May. The only significant change is that the cycling race will start in Esztergom. This section will be 118 kilometers long.

The second section starts from Debrecen and ends in Hajdúszoboszló, followed by the third section between Karcag and Nyíregyháza. On the fourth day, cyclists must then ride from Sárospatak to Kazincbarcika. 


The final section of the Tour de Hongrie is between Miskolc and the top of Kékes, the highest mountain in Hungary. The distance on this section is 188 kilometers, but the competitors have to ride Kékes twice. 

The cycling race will take place from August 29 to September 2  and the participants will cover a total of 817 kilometers during the five-day race. 120 cyclists from 20 teams will ride in the UCI 2.1 category; five World Tour teams are expected to take part. 

The goal of the organizers is to meet the criteria for entering the Pro Series: At least 14 World Tour and/or Pro Team groups must participate in this year’s Hungarian Circuit.

The 41st Tour de Hongrie Program:

Section 1, Saturday, August 29: Esztergom-Esztergom, 118 km

Stage 2, Sunday, August 30: Debrecen-Hajdúszoboszló, 158 km

Stage 3, Monday, August 31: Karcag-Nyíregyháza, 182 km

Section 4, Tuesday, September 1: Sárospatak-Kazincbarcika, 171 km

Stage 5, Wednesday, September 2: Miskolc-Gyöngyös-Kékestető, 188 km

Source: Haon