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Virtual Local History Exhibitions in the Méliusz Library

The local history exhibitions of the Péter Méliusz Juhász Library present the history of Debrecen over the last hundred years in a series of exhibitions. Due to the Coronavirus, the exhibitions can be viewed virtually only on the library’s website.

The exhibitions are organized as by The Méliusz Library within the framework of the TOP-6.9.2 Local Community Development in Debrecen 1/2/3 district.

The aim of the tender is to strengthen the local identity, help the establishment of the communities operating in the city district and to support their operation. The material of the exhibitions is selected from the documentary library of the local history collection and from the photos offered by the residents. Its goal is to get residents involved in the community life of their own part of the city.

Of the 15 exhibitions planned for 2020, four local history exhibitions were organized in the branch libraries in January and February, where photos offered by the residents could have been seen.

Due to the extraordinary pandemic situation, the material of the exhibitions planned for March can only be “visited” virtually on the website of the Péter Méliusz Juhász Library.

“Summer joys at the old Great Forest” – Local history exhibition: http://helytortenetikiallitasoknagyerdo.wordpress.com

The old Nagyerdei Beach

Housing estate on the location  of vineyards – northern part of the New Garden – Local history exhibition: https://helytortkiallitas.wordpress.com

Lencztelep-Kerekestelep – Local history exhibition: https://helytortenetikiallitasok.wordpress.com

Those who are interested in Debrecen’s past and heritage can find more archive documents and photos at the Méliusz Library, website: http://www.meliusz.hu/ 

How did the youth spend their days?

You can learn, for example, what the hospitality in Debrecen used to be like, how the young people of Debrecen once spent their days, or how the 1956 revolution took place in Debrecen. You can even hear the voice of Magda Szabó, the famous Debrecen-born Hungarian novelist.