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Virtual Photography Exhibition of Zsuzsa Szakál

“Creative processes should not be forgotten especially during the coronavirus epidemic. Those who know me, know that photography is a great love, a hobby and a very important creative activity for me. The world matters to me and I capture the moments with an ordinary device, my cell phone”, Zsuzsa Szakál said. 

and the way I see it, and the way I capture the moments, the way I show it with an ordinary device,  my cell phone. With these words, he made available Zsuzsa Szakál’s exhibition My Favorite Photos. As stated in the introduction to the virtual exhibition on social media on Facebook on March 1:

The audience in Debrecen has been able to see the works of Zsuzsa Szakál several times in the past. She participated in the group exhibition Magda Szabó’s novel, The Door, which was part of the European Capital of Culture project. However, she also had a solo exhibition. 

She considers herself an observer wondering at the small details of the world around us.  She tries to capture reflections and all exhibited images taken were taken with a simple smart phone.

The exhibition opened on 1st of March and it can be seen online here.

Source: dehir.hu