Welcome to Debrecen!


Enikő – Tourism Professional

I like wandering around the city, in the old streets and hidden squares of the historic city center that is full of beautiful old buildings and lovely fountain displays. One of my favorite public squares is Ady Park, right behind the Csokonai Theater, because its centrally located fountain display provides a nice atmosphere in the summer and I can taste delicious cakes and ice-creams in one of Debrecen’s oldest confectioner’s, Kismandula (“Small Almond”) there. I also love Hal köz, again to be found in the city center, where I often meet my friends in one of the trendy bars or just drink a cup of coffee on a lovely terrace while admiring the spectacular arcades of water of the square’s central fountain display. The most spectacular water attraction of Debrecen is definitely the Mist Theater in the Great Forest Park where you can enjoy amazing lightshows in the summer at night. It is also a must-visit selfie-point.