Welcome to Debrecen!


Lola – Customer Relations Manager

I always enjoy taking a stroll in downtown Debrecen. At the foot of the iconic Reformed Great Church I can admire the main square’s beautiful panorama sitting on the terrace of Árkád Café with a refreshing lemonade or a coffee in my hand. A few meters down the road I can go for a lunch or a dinner if I wish. Déri Museum’s park that is close to my heart can also be found in the city center not far behind the Reformed church. This lovely little park was the place of many gatherings with my friends and romantic dates when I was younger, so I keep dear memories of this park just like of my other favorite place in Debrecen, Nagyerdő. The downtown pedestrian zone is popular not only among locals but tourists alike as restaurants and bars follow one another with street terraces full of people. I particularly like Simonffy Street and Hal Köz where on a summer night I likely bump into friends.