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Déri Museum

The Déri Museum is most famous for being the home of the greatest works of one of Hungary’s most famous and celebrated artists, Mihály Munkácsy, as well as the huge collection of other items, brought together by Frigyes Déri.

Christ Trilogy

Munkácsy’s awe-inspiring Christ Trilogy is housed here, the first of the trilogy, entitled front of Pilate was painted in 1882, followed by Golgotha in 1884. The trilogy was completed with Ecce Homo in 1896. 

In addition to its exhibits of local cultural interest, the Déri Museum has become renowned for Frigyes Déri’s collection of weapons. 

The weapons collection is particularly fine, comprising of three parts.  Weapons from Christian Europe, from the 15-18th. The second part is comprised of classic Muslim weapons from the territory of the Ottoman Empire and Persia.  The third part, although the smallest is the finest part, is the weapons collection from the Far East.

The Japanese collection is of commonly used items made in the Edo era and is undoubtedly the best in Hungary.

The Déri Museum is perfectly sized to see within half a day and therefore perfect to your add to your list of top things to do while in Debrecen.

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