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An exhibition entitled Building Soul opens in the renovated Bényi Gallery

The renewed Bényi Gallery has been playing a key role in the fine arts of Debrecen and the region for 10 years. A key part of the gallery’s identity is to continue to nurture and showcase the work of respected local artists, collaborate with renowned Hungarian artists, and create a new community with local and regional economic actors who support and support contemporary art. In this spirit, the gallery’s first exhibition of works by Zsuzsa Nagy Gesztelyi and Máté Posta opens entitled Building Soul.

Building Soul -The exhibition of Zsuzsa Nagy Gesztelyi and Máté Posta

The exhibition will be opened by: János Áfra, poet and art critic

Dr. István Puskás, Deputy Mayor of the City of Debrecen
Réka Mészáros, Managing Director of Főnix Rendezvényszervező Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft.

Music: Con Fuoco Guitar Duo

“The works of Zsuzsa Gesztelyi Nagy and Máté Posta presented in the Bényi Gallery are in some ways complementary, and the exhibition itself is a synthesis of looking outwards and looking inwards – a double reckoning with the architectural heritage, with the projections of the past on the square.

While Gesztelyi’s paintings combining figural and abstract solutions offer a view of an atmospheric, metaphysical world from panel balconies belonging to the socialist heritage, Posta captures the details of old civic buildings with hyperrealistic precision – focusing our attention on the street-lit, ruined wall fragments that fill the field of vision, or on reflective window surfaces. ” (János Áfra)

The exhibition is open to the public from 17th February to 24th March 2022.