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6th New Hotel to be built on the corner of Bethlen and Hatvan streets

Anyone visiting the city center can see that the one-story house at 17 Hatvan Street has been significantly demolished in recent weeks.

The houses of Debrecen were the first to announce on the Facebook page that a hotel would be created with the renovation of the building, and visual plans were also announced. As they write, “an already remodeled, stripped-down facade building is not demolished, it basically retains its character. They are rebuilding the original attic wall above the closing ledge, in which the attic windows are cleverly hidden. ”

According to Dehir a representative of the investor Farkas Residence Ingatlan fejlesztő és Szolgáltató Kft., revealed that the building has been owned by their family and ancestors for a very long time, so it is also a matter of the heart to save it. It promises to transform its values ​​into a twenty-room hotel.

In addition, the Mester Residence Hotel, also planned with 20 rooms, is under construction at the corner of Mester and Csap streets.  According to earlier announcements, the hotel, which Aze Zero Hungary Kft. of Debrecen is building, will be ready for guests in the summer of 2022

Image Source: Dehir

According to the previous announcement, the hotel to be built in the investment of Aze Zero Hungary Kft. In Debrecen will be waiting for its guests in the summer of 2022.

Dryvit Profi Ltd. is building a 46-apartment hotel in Józsa as its own investment. The Stay Apartment Hotel will offer employees of domestic and multinational companies a quality accommodation solution for the long term. The three-story hotel will have a reception, spacious and bright common areas, a dining room, private parking, and a green garden with outdoor recreational elements, guaranteeing the comfort and safety of guests.

Source: Dehir

The Aquaticum Hotel Plage Superior Hotel will be built in the Great Forest. Under the Kisfaludy program, Aquaticum Debrecen Kft., owned by the Municipality of Debrecen, will receive HUF 4 billion 396.5 million in state support to build and operate this four-star hotel. The hotel will be built between the beach and the water park. Aquaticum Debrecen Kft. currently operates the Hotel Lycium in the city center and the Aquaticum Hotel next to the spa. The occupancy rate of the Aquaticum Hotel was very high in the years before the pandemic, and it has long been anticipated that the beach complex would need another hotel when the investment was announced, 

The hotel will be built between the beach and the adventure pool. Aquaticum Debrecen Kft. Currently operates the downtown Hotel Lycium and the Aquaticum Hotel next to the spa. The occupancy of the Aquaticum Hotel was very high in the years before the pandemic, and this was also true for the summer between the two waves of the epidemic, and already at the announcement of the new beach investment it was said that the spa would create the need to build another hotel.

The Kisfaludy program provided a substantial amount of funding, nearly HUF 3 billion 658 million, to Füredi Kastély Kft. for the construction of a four-star hotel in Debrecen The Smart Life Hotel Debrecen will include the construction of a 101-room hotel with 2 basement levels, ground floor, and 7 floors, with a total net floor area of 4,797 square meters on a plot of 3-7 Darabos Street. The foundation stone was laid in September 2021.

Here’s the visual design:

Source: Dehir

Another four-star hotel, Mercure Debrecen Hotel, is under construction in Debrecen and progressing very well. The Szinorg Group, which also includes HUNÉP, is building a business hotel on Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Street, with a total of 155 rooms or apartments on the 4 residential floors above the entrance level. The building reached its highest point last October 2021. The hotel will have a restaurant with 120 seats and a conference room for 120 people. The company won HUF 3 billion 453 million from the Kisfaludy program to build the hotel.

Source: Dehir

 The hotel will have a restaurant for 120 people and a conference room for 120 people. The project company Kisfaludy program also won HUF 3 billion 453 million for the construction of the hotel.