Welcome to Debrecen!


A spectacular public installation evokes the memory of old fires in Debrecen.

A unique new artwork has been created in the main square of Debrecen. The modern artwork, located in the Glass Pyramid next to the Reformed Great Church, aims to show that the human soul is rebuilt in Christ, just as the city is rebuilt from the ashes. The installation will be inaugurated on Sunday 22 October 2023 at 11 am, after the 10 am service at the Great Church.

The unique installation is a symbol of the fire, symbolizing the city, which burnt down several times in the past but was reborn every time. The outdoor artwork, like the phoenix bird in the coat of arms of the Reformed Great Church and Debrecen, represents rebirth and resurrection. Debrecen, with its Reformed Church, has always been able to renew itself after fires.

The identity-affirming artwork was created by internationally renowned artist Erik Mátrai. In recent years, his name has been associated with light art: he is interested in transcendence and the possibilities of its expression. His art is defined by the interplay of water, sea, fire, light, and color.

The sticks on the Glass Pyramid are in the colors of fire and ash, recalling the destruction of the old Red Tower, part of the former St Andrew’s Church. The remains of the tower are among the oldest architectural monuments in Debrecen, which is also notable for the fact that it once housed the Rákóczi bell, weighing over five tons.

The history of the Church of St. Andrew and the Red Tower, as well as the fire chisels of Debrecen’s past, will be brought to life in the installation on the Glass Pyramid, showing that the rebirth of the city and the human spirit is possible in all times, empowering the everyday lives of those living today.