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13+1 autumn activities in Debrecen

Debrecen shows its beautiful face in autumn, when the parks and squares of the city center and the magnificent natural surroundings of the Nagyerdő are bursting with color. Take advantage of the sunny autumn days and spend as much time as possible outdoors! But don’t worry if it’s cloudy or rainy, the city’s cultural spaces offer great programs. This is a great time to recharge your batteries for the winter with cultural and wellness experiences. How? We’ll show you!

Forest Baths – Just a half-hour walk or bike ride among the trees of the Great Forest in its golden autumn colors is a great energy boost. Sunbathing in the company of mallards resting peacefully on the shores of Lake Békás is a special experience.

Wandering around the botanical gardens – The university botanical gardens are a real oasis of peace and quiet, perfect for an intimate date or a little me-time.

Relaxing wellness – One of the best ways to recharge your body and soul is with a relaxing wellness experience, whether it’s a refreshing massage or a soak in the hot thermal waters. At Aquaticum SPA, all the conditions are there.

Off to the zoo – Evening walks in the zoo with a special atmosphere, playing in the fairytale world of Island Blue – all under the trees of the Great Forest in its magnificent autumn colors.

Visual adventures – For those who love art, autumn is a great time to enjoy an exciting visual experience. The MODEM is showing contemporary works, while the Déri Museum is showing excellent examples of the more classical trends.

The whole world is theatre – After years of complete renovation, the historic Csokonai Theatre reopened in October with a spectacularly renovated interior and great performances.

City walks for explorers – As well as Debrecen’s iconic sights, there are also hidden gems to discover. As you leave the main street, winding little streets and romantic civis houses are a sight to behold.

In the footsteps of Petőfi and Csokonai – To celebrate the 200th and 250th anniversaries of the birth of the two legendary poets, visit the Debrecen Reformed College and admire the impressive Great Library, where they also visited several times.

A bird’s eye view of Debrecen – The Reformed Small Church is not only the oldest church in the city, but its truncated spire makes it a must-see. From the top of the tower, you can enjoy an unrivalled view of the city.

Street art tour – Visit the four spectacular mural paintings adorning the downtown firewalls and find out what they tell you about local history!

Summer festival atmosphere – The festival season is not over in Debrecen! The Nagyerdei Water Tower, the Wreck Bar (Roncsbár) and the Kölcsey Centre will host the best of Hungarian popular music this autumn, from Margaret Island to Punnany Massif.

Tropical water fun – After the summer, the Aquaticum Mediterranean Experience Baths are the ideal place for a great family swim in a tropical climate and super water fun.

Autumn culinary adventures – Autumn is delicious in all its flavors! So it’s worth a visit to the Great Market for the freshest seasonal ingredients or discovering the new autumn specialties in the city’s restaurants and bistros.

Following the cranes – The most beautiful natural phenomenon of autumn is the crane migration. The dusk migration of thousands of cranes on the Hortobágy grasslands is a sight to behold! Don’t miss one of the guided birdwatching tours.