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Abstraction-Création. The Last Works Arrive

On October 3rd, a very special, internationally unique exhibition of International Abstracts will open at Modem. Entitled Abstraction-Création, the exhibition features almost 100 works, including works from world-famous artists such as Vasily Kandinsky, László Moholy-Nagy, or Jean Helion, one of whose works was unpacked on Monday by Mayor László Papp and Katalin Vizi, the managing director of Modem.

In the 1930s, Abstraction-Création numbered almost a hundred people, joined by artists from more than twenty countries, including several Hungarian artists. The exhibition, which opens in Modem over the weekend, will feature nearly 100 works by world-renowned avant-garde artists.

Jean Hélion’s work came from Paris, the geometric work was unpacked in front of our camera.

– You will be able to meet big names in the exhibition space, I could mention Vasily Kandinsky or Alfred Reth, István Beöthy or Jean Arp, and what really warms my director’s heart is that many works can be seen for the first time now, and there is even a work that has never been presented outside. We can really say that the exhibition of the best can be seen here in Debrecen now – emphasized Katalin Vizi, the managing director of Modem.

What makes the exhibition special is that it will be the first large-scale presentation on this topic for almost 50 years. According to Mayor László Papp, this exhibition can attract not only Hungarian audiences but also artists from abroad.

– Modem was originally designed to provide not only Debrecen, but also the region with high-quality opportunities for learning about the fine arts and modern arts. We want this mission to be filled or strengthened by this exhibition as well – said Mayor László Papp.

The current exhibition of the Modem has been organized for three years. The total insurance value of the exhibited works is a secret, but the amount they can represent is well shown by the fact that one of Kandinsky’s pictures is insured for 10 million euros, ie almost 3.6 billion forints.

The exhibition is open from October 3rd to January 30th.

More about the exhibition: http://www.modemart.hu/kiallitas/parizsi-abstractok/

Photos: Szabolcs Kandert
Source: Dehir.hu