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“Along the line” exhibition at MODEM

The exhibition is created from the conscious collections of the past 14 years, the purchases of artworks and the offerings of the Debrecen International Artists Association. The exhibition is created by the curatorial selection from the emerging collections and it explores the gesture of drawing and the use of contemporary lines in various media.

The themes of the exhibition are drawing, line, manual gesture as contemporary thinking, as well as the form of fine art and its visual imprint.

Along the Line

Drawing had a lesser role in the fine arts until the beginning of the 20th century. It only served the function of the sketch, but today it is considered as a full value work. Drawing, as the most direct form of expression in imaging, has become a carrier of the artistic idea of the moment. It has become the key element of displaying simplicity, focus, and lightness for understanding and depicting reality.

The exhibition can be seen until 8th November 2020.

Source: Modem