Welcome to Debrecen!


Amusement Park Jubilee Year.

March 14th, marks the Jubilee Season of Debrecen Amusement Park, which has opened every day of the week from May 1st since the first opening back in 1960. Debrecen Amusement Park remains the only permanent Amusement park in Hungary.

To embrace tradition, while also catering to those looking for new thrills, the repertoire will include both timeless classics and awesome new novelties.

In addition to the careful maintenance of park equipment, several rides have also undergone a visual overhaul and now await the season start in their full glory. Cherished for their great history and beautiful craftsmanship, the magnificent steeds of the Horse Carousel are now as good as new, and so is the Duck Train, a true family favorite.

As part of the modernization drive, last year a number of convenience services such as online ticket sales and a free visitor WiFi network on the entire premises.

There is no season without novelties at the Amusement Park – especially so this jubilee year. Those interested in acrobatics can try the new four-person bungee trampoline, fit for all ages and skill levels, from March 14th. Further works are also underway, so you can expect a number of overhauls, new designs and entirely new attractions before summer.

As usual, Zoo Passes will include entry to the Amusement Park, and there will be separate Amusement Park Passes with no price changes.