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Another Light Installation in the Lighthouse Gallery

The series of exhibitions by Lighthouse Gallery staged in the shop window of 67 Piac Street continues together with the space-specific light installation named “Searchlight” by Ivó Kovács.

The Italian humanist painter Leon Battista Alberti changed the European Painting tradition by presupposing a fixed, abstract point of view that defines the viewer’s position from which the image becomes interpretable and receptive, from which the abstract appears to be an illusion of reality. 

However, this ideal or perspective view also separates the recipient from the image, as it makes him an outsider, an observer of it. And if the experiencer is detached from the experience, it can easily cause a break in the free definition of his position as an individual artist and in the process of (self) cognition.

Immersive new media, such as video mapping, seek to eliminate this artificial distance: to reconcile the perspectives of the physical space, the projection point, and the viewer according to the rules of perspective. The point of view of Ivó Kovács’ space-specific light installation takes over the full shop window of Lighthouse Gallery. And just as we can’t enter the real space of the picture through Alberti’s “window,” so a glass surface is blocked from the interior’s physical space.

Searchlight, evoking the optical illusion of a virtual maze , reveals interlocking abstract (light) spaces in front of its viewer. The reflections of light that scan the walls, adjusted to the street perspective of passers-by and outsiders, are the searchlights. Temporarily illuminating certain parts of space as an allegory of self-search, encouraging us to experience our own presence and light.

Ivó KOVÁCS / visual artist
He graduated as a painter from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. He has been involved in 3D animation, building projection and video mapping for more than 15 years. He has worked throughout Europe in contemporary dance and theater productions and as a vj in live acts. As a creator, he experiments with various projected space-creating techniques, having previously performed regularly at the Department of Media Design of the Budapest Metropolitan University.

Installation: KOVÁCS Ivó
Creative Management: Let it Be! art agency
Organizers: Déri Museum, dr. István PUSKÁS
 Csokonai Theater, Cívis House
Sponsor: National Cultural Fund

The exhibition will be on view from March 5th – 28th, 2021 at the Lighthouse Gallery at 67 Piac Street.