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The accommodation offer in Debrecen is further expanding

The accommodation available in Debrecen and the surroundings will be expanded with five hotels, including one soon be built in Debrecen, on the corner of Mester and Csap streets.

A new, modern hostel is being built in Debrecen, on the corner of Mester and Csap streets, the construction of which Dryvit Profi Kft is undertaking the company in Debrecen announced on its website. 

In the Mester Residence Hotel , twenty spacious and homely apartments will be developed on three levels in the investment of Aze Zero Hungary Kft. In Debrecen. The high-quality and aesthetic hostel, with an area of ​​more than 1,100 square meters and excellent transport connections, awaits its guests from the beginning of next summer. The plans for this were made by BORD Studio.

Visual design of Mester Residence Hotel

Elsewhere Dryvit Profi Kft. is building a 46-apartment hotel in Józsa in its own investment. The Stay Hotel Apartment offer quality housing solutions for domestic and multinational companies, workers, namely for the long-term. The three-storey hotel has a reception, spacious and bright common areas, a dining room, a private car park and a green garden enriched with outdoor seating.

Visual design of Stay Apartman Hotel

A new hotel is also being built in the Great Forest . In the Kisfaludy program, Debrecen Gyógyfürdő Kft. (Which has been operating under the name of Aquaticum Debrecen Kft. Virág Kocsi-Marossy, the CEO of Debreceni Vagyonkezelő Zrt.

The hotel will be built between the beach and the adventure pool. Aquaticum Debrecen Kft. Currently operates the city center Hotel Lycium and the Aquaticum Hotel next to the spa. The occupancy of the Aquaticum Hotel was very high in the years before the pandemic, this was also true for the summer between the two waves of the epidemic, and already at the announcement of the new beach investment it was foreseen that the spa would create the need to build another hotel.

The design of the Strand Hotel

Füredi Kastély Kft. Will also receive a significant amount of nearly HUF 3 billion 658 million in support in the Kisfaludy program for the establishment of a four-star hotel in Debrecen, which will be called the Smart Life Hotel Debrecen. The company could still apply under this name, but it has already been renamed tetrecen Kft (its name officially begins with a small t).

The company announced the public procurement for the construction of the hotel in January. According to a tender published in the Official Journal of the European Union, a 101-room hotel with 2 basements, a ground floor and a 7-storey hotel with a total net floor area of ​​4,797 square meters will be built at Darabos utca 3-7. on the plot below . The winning company will have three years to plan and implement the construction.

Visual design of Smart Life Hotel

The Szinorg Group, which also includes Hunép, has started the preparation of another four-star hotel in Debrecen. The area has already been prepared, the properties on it have been demolished. A business hotel will be built on Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Street , with a total of 155 rooms and apartments on 4 residential levels above the entrance level. The hotel will have a restaurant for 120 people and a conference room for 120 people. The project company The Kisfaludy program also won HUF 3 billion 453 million for the construction of the hotel.

The design of the business hotel on Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Street

Source of article and images: Dehir