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Ask and Answer in Debrecen

This year has been a difficult one, especially now that theaters, cinemas, museums and restaurants are closed, events are cancelled or postponed and curfews are making it difficult for us to move around. We look forward to moving out of home once again next year and traveling for a long weekend domestically or for a small foreign vacation. Until then, all we can to do is appreciate what we have and tour at home, – explore our own city, Debrecen, with a slightly different eye and while abiding by social distancing rules.

In this, we will be helped by key players in the local tourism, who, we “ask” a series of questions, week by week you can discover what their favorite places are in the city, what secret travel tips can they provide? There is much still to discover while walking in the city, see why Debrecen is a great place.

This time Dr. Sándor Gergely Nagy, the manager of the Nagyerdei Cultural Park, answered our questions.

Dr. Sándor Gergely Nagy, managing director of the Nagyerdei Cultural Park (Photo: Lökor Vikor)

What amazes you most in Debrecen?

As a thick-necked civic, it’s surprising what I’m going to say, but something amazes me almost every day. Walking through the city, I not only marvel at the sight of ever-changing public spaces and new buildings being formed, but I also try to discover the little details that still live with us that are not only architecturally connected to our civic traditions. I feel at this point that the City lives in us and changes with us.

The renewed Dósa palatine square

What is your favorite place – attraction, building, street, etc. – in Debrecen?

Clearly the Great Forest, all its corners, flora and fauna.

Debrecen Zoo is located under the trees of the Great Forest

Do you have any “secret” places in Debrecen that you would like to recommend to locals or visitors to Debrecen?

Yes, there are places in Debrecen that are waiting to be explored! We are proud of Debrecen, but how much do we consider it our own and find joy in it everyday? When was the last time you visited the glass room of the Golden Bull Hotel, the Déri Museum, or just sat down in the silence of the Botanical Garden?

Hotel Aranybika’s glass room

After visiting so many parts of the world, – based on your travel experience, what makes Debrecen an attractive destination for foreign tourists?

From a tourism point of view, it is definitely worth emphasizing that we are a corner of Europe that is free of mass tourism and also a safe destination. These qualities of ours are becoming more and more appreciated. By positioning our unique, quality and affordable offering for families, success is clear. For this, it is necessary to bring all the tourist attractions of the Great Forest to a uniform level.

The Békás Lake playground

If I were asked to help you shoot a feature film in Debrecen, what locations would you suggest for shooting?
I would suggest just head out into town, discover for yourself. You will surely not get lost but will have thousands of experiences!

Market Street from a bird’s eye view

Which season is the best in Debrecen?

In terms of tourism, we need to be attractive in all four seasons. Spring is the most beautiful for me.

Lake Békás in spring