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Ask + Answer Series – Péter Miklósvölgyi

We are over a difficult year. Theaters and cinemas are closed, we cannot go to museums and restaurants, events are delayed or closed, and curfews make it difficult for us to move freely. We look forward to moving out of home again soon and traveling for a long weekends, domestically or for a small vacation abroad. Until then, all we have to do is tour at home and explore our own city, Debrecen, with a slightly different eye.

In this, we will be helped by key players in the local tourist life, who, among other things, “ask” week by week what their favorite places in the city are, what secret tips they can discover even while walking in the city, and why Debrecen is a good place.

This time Péter Miklósvölgyi, managing director of Debrecen Campus Nonprofit Public Benefit Ltd., answered our questions.

Péter Miklósvölgyi

What were you wondering about last time in Debrecen?

About how many planes are at the airport . Of course, this is a consequence of the current epidemiological situation – it is a bit sad that they have to park – but in a few years it would be good to see so many of them on an average weekday, because it would mean that our city will develop rapidly in the coming years.


What is your favorite place – attraction, building, street, etc. – In Debrecen?

The University is worth visiting especially the main building of the university. If the park area in-front of the building was more walkable, instead of the small stones, it would be one of the most popular walking places in Debrecen. Spacious, soothing, full of light, the fountain has a beautiful, fantastic atmosphere even in the evening, but of course the whole Great Forest is attractive.

The main building of the University of Debrecen and the university park

Do you have any “secret” places in Debrecen that you would like to recommend to locals or visitors to Debrecen?

The small civic streets of the old town are very cozy, but the Botanical Garden also deserves more attention. I really like to spend time at the DEAC sports complex , it is going through an amazing development these years, it has become a real multifunctional sports and leisure park, it has a special atmosphere. It’s no secret, but I think the best place in Debrecen is the Water Tower Garden and the park behind the Great Church.

water tower
The Water Tower Garden

He went to many parts of the world. Based on your travel experience, what makes Debrecen an attractive destination for foreign tourists?

Maybe it can be attractive because the city is both calm and exciting . Everyone can find their own balance and place, cultural and gastronomic services have developed a lot in recent years, and their price / value ratio is world-class. The city center and the forest together complement each other very well , making Debrecen attractive from a tourist point of view. Our Strand Water Park is a world class facility with thermal water, it will bring a lot of tourists.

nagyerdei beach1
The Great Forest Beach with the water tower in the background

If I were asked to help you shoot a feature film in Debrecen, what locations would you suggest for shooting?

I’m just going back to the university’s main building . The square and the courtyard are not only local, but I can safely say that they have a place on the world stage. The huge interior, its structure is always amazing, and so I think it would look very good in a movie as well. The colorful windows of the Hall, the fountain, the library – I think these places are definitely suitable for a movie.

The courtyard of the main building of the University of Debrecen from below

Which season is the best in Debrecen?

In summer, during the Campus Festival . 🙂