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Graphic Artists Exhibition – Nora + Students.

The graphic artist Nora L. Rito and her pupils exhibition ideally would have been held at the Kölcsey Center Bényi Arpad restaurant, but the disease situation and safety considerations led to alternatives, the display can been seen online on the Kölcsey Center’s Facebook page and then between the 8th January and 7 February 2021 at the Kölcsey Center, – Illuminated along the entire glass wall of Hunyadi Street.

“I am a civilian, the founder and professional leader of a non-governmental organization and content in this role. I have field experience, a great network of contacts, and I want to best represent the cause for which I work, at all levels. 

While my policy criticisms are strong, my desire is always for improvement. When I have time and energy left, I also try to work on self development. The background for this is provided by my family, my husband, my two adults and my happy children, and already our three grandchildren, who magically affect us all. 

In my free time, as an escape and hobby, I have graphics, drawing, and lately writing as well. These help with emotional stability. I’m a lucky person because I can do what I love. If I could start again, I would still choose that. In fact, perhaps I would strive for this path even more consciously. ”

(Nóra L. Ritók, graphic artist, founder of the Igazgyöngy Foundation)

Pictures of the exhibition can be viewed here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=KolcseyKozpont&set=a.3788746404509109