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Autumn on the Palette

On October 17th Dósa Nádor Square will be transformed into a creative paradise in an event entitled “Autumn on a Palette” to celebrate “Hungarian Painting Day”. The seasonal festivities and activities are available for all those interested from St. Michael’s Day to St. Martin’s Day, now on Saturday from 3 pm to 7 pm with fun for the whole family!

Program details

Both young and old alike can put their talents to the test with the guidance of painting instructors: paint autumn compositions, print, get to know the techniques playfully, the staff of Táncsics Mihály Street Kindergarten will also be available to help you develop your creativity!

The Creation Street team invites all those interested in the painting experience or to just investigate the creative process!

Would you paint the statue of St. Stephen in Dósa palatine square with a screen printing technique? The teachers and students of the Kós Károly Art High School and College will introduce themselves in the creative field, and demonstrate several exciting techniques.

During the afternoon, the fair of the Kredenc Handicraft Circle , the cartoonist Viktor Kostyál and the Henna Studio will be awaiting visitors with face and henna painting!

The inspiring music is provided by the Jazz Friends band and the Debrecen Saxophone Ensemble.

Every Saturday at the mouth of Csapó Street: potato flame, lemonade (Szabolcs Zelenák, Food Truck)

Participation in the programs is free.

Other events in the series of events of the Little Carnival taking place from Michael’s Day to Martin’s Day:

October 24.
Dance vigil, dyno-Danish

Folk art portraits and performances, dance with the Debrecen Folk Ensemble.
Performers: Tárkány Works, Bürkös Orchestra

October 31.
Celtic Halloween – From Samhai to the Pumpkin Lantern

Come and get acquainted with the origins of this increasingly popular holiday in Hungary! To evoke the past, ancient Irish-Celtic and medieval melodies are provided by Bran and Sonivius Vappae.

November 7
Hunting and rustling – in unity with nature

Guardians of the balance of the thousand-faced nature are waiting for family programs, crafts and a landing fair. Performers: Hahó Ensemble, Nimród Horn Ensemble

November 14.
Martin’s Day Berry Juice Tasting

“Martin is the judge of wine”: on this day, the new wine must be tasted! You can try pen removal, candle making and the art of writing with a goose feather. The space is played by the Eastern Brass Band and the Messy Band.