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Csak Design Craft Fair @ Water Tower

In Debrecen, the coronavirus pandemic has posed challenges to members of the creative industries, just as around the world. However, even during this unpredictable period, even so, Debrecen’s Design team is steadily organizing, renewing, and expanding, a sure point in the life of the city for two and a half years now.

The people of Debrecen can meet the Csak Design team again
Csak Design Craft Fair

Photo: Éva Buzai

The relocation of Only Design Fairs was a great success, in September for the first time a fair was held at an outdoor location, namely in the garden of the Water Tower of the Great Forest, to the great delight of both exhibitors and the public.

On October 18, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., the event will move to the Water Tower once again, where visitors will be welcomed in a shared venue. On the ground floor, representatives of the gastro line will be seated, while designers will move into the H2O Gallery. 

In addition to the usual names, we can meet new artists and visit two exhibitions: a selection of photos from the Streets of Debrecen will be shown in the form of a slide show, and the public will also see sculptures made of scrap metal from “Trash Works Industrial” in the Tower Square.

Exhibitors at the October fair:

  • Anikás
  • Arsi
  • BlackBunny Craft Chocolate & Artisan Chocolates
  • Madness ( Bőrület )
  • Csajbók Márta – Silk Painter ( selyemfestő )
  • Debreczeni Cheese Workshop
  • Exiter Diary
  • Faludi G
  • GizusProduct
  • Holdviola
  • Joy by Honey
  • JuditCs.Horváth
  • KATA – Handwoven shawls, scarves, and fine textiles 
  • Karászi Judit Karászi Design 
  • Kostyál Viktor Cartoon
  • Magicherb
  • Maminvent
  • Nituska Design
  • Streets of Debrecen
  • Sea Cake (Tenger Cake)
  • TRASH WORKS industrial
  • UDSGN jewelry
  • Teas of Ms. Butter (Vajákos Asszony Teái)
  • Zádor Coffee (Zádor Kávé)