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Lufthansa’s Debrecen-Munich flight resumes

From October 26th, Lufthansa will resume flights between Munich and Debrecen under strict rules. There will be fights three times a week, said a spokesperson for Debrecen International Airport Kft., which operates the flight.

Debrecen International Airport is taking every precaution to prevent the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. The rules are clear, it is mandatory to wear a mask that covers both the mouth and the nose during the entire waiting period throughout the terminal building.

To protect everyone, disinfection is ongoing in areas most affected by passenger movement, and an expanded number of automated, non-contact hand sanitizers are now available in these areas. The use of masks and face shields is mandatory for all service personnel, those in contact with passengers (passenger handlers, passenger safety inspectors).

As with other flights, a mask is also mandatory on Lufthansa flights. The airline’s aircraft are equipped with so-called hepa filters , which continuously clean the air in the cabin, which changes approximately every 2-3 minutes. These two precautions are sufficient to allow passengers to sit safely in side-by-side seats.

Lufthansa’s first flight after the restart will land at Debrecen International Airport on the morning of October 26 at 9.20 am and then return to the Bavarian capital at 10 am.