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Award for a green and flowery Debrecen at the flowery Hungary gala 2022

The Hungarian Tourism Agency announced at the 2022 awards ceremony of Flowery Hungary 2022 that Debrecen had won the main prize in the category of big cities, the long-running competition was held for the 29th time, this time at the Buda Campus of the Hungarian University of Agricultural and Life Sciences on Friday,  18th November 2022. More than 50 prizes were awarded to the various category winners of Flowery Hungary 2022.

Photo credit: Facebook (Balázs Ákos)

The Hungarian Tourism Agency explained that during the country’s most important environmental design competition, a record number of applications were received, and a total of 439 entries from 339 local authorities – including 32 from abroad – were judged by a jury of nearly 150 members in recent months.

The jury said, that they had received a record number of applications despite the drought-stricken summer highlighting the importance of the continuous improvement of the green environment for local communities. More and more municipalities are using perennials instead of annual flowers or are paying attention to afforestation, but there are also good examples of rainwater harvesting.

Flowery Hungary, the country’s most community-moving and patriotic environmental design competition, will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2023. To mark the occasion, the organizing committee will be preparing a number of interesting events for the next competition season, the Hungarian Tourism Agency said.

Source: dehir.hu