Welcome to Debrecen!


Strand Festival @ Debrecen Strand Waterpark.

On Wednesday 24th August 2022, Aquaticum Debrecen SPA, will hold a water festival, an event dreamed up by the winning organisers of the ideas competition held by organisation. Come and wander through the day’s programme of events, with a wide variety of musical styles – for the whole family to enjoy!


  • Tell it in song!
  • Playhouse Project – Board Game Party
  • STK x DCK Concert – Their formation was just a joke at first, but when they got a lot of positive feedback after their first song VÍÁJPÍ, they decided to continue! Their four released songs so far are all of various styles. They don’t like to categorize themselves, but their songs are often characterized by pop, rap, and sometimes jazz-style features.
  • Salsa Party

Board games are provided by the Playhouse project, which brings more than 80 kinds of board games under the shady trees of the beach.

And throughout the day, there will be many more surprises for young and old alike!

In the case of a rainy day, the event will take place on the 31st of August 2022.