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Carnival of the forest

To celebrate the founding of the state and the new bread, and to join the Debrecen Flower Carnival, the 140-year-old Zsuzsi Forest Railway invites you to the Forest Carnival on Saturday 20th August.

Passengers can enjoy nature experiences, cultural programmes and historical presentations from the time of King Matthias at the rest area next to the House of Nature in Hármashegyalján.

🚂 Planned programme and timetable:
8:30 a.m. Train departure from Ruyter Street station
9:45 a.m. Ceremonial speech by Mrs. Hajnalka Fogarasi Makóné, Managing Director of the Zsuzsi Forest Railway, followed by the firing of the cannon
10:00 a.m. Carnival procession: medieval weapon demonstrations, duels, dance lessons, forest hike, archery, folk dance demonstrations and dance hall, handicraft and creative activities: weaving, pottery, leatherwork, health screenings and counselling
1:30 p.m. Train back to Debrecen

Programme description:

The Debrecen Historical Ages Heritage Society will bring the world of the Middle Ages to Hármashegyalja: the courtiers, knights and soldiers of King Matthias. There will be infantry duels and medieval weapons demonstrations, archery, weapons and armour musters, and medieval dance lessons.

Thanks to the HAHA Association and the traditionalists of Shepherd’s Village, children can try their hand at creative arts and crafts, including weaving, leatherworking and pottery, The Koleszár family from Nyírracsád will introduce traditional horse riding, who can try out traditional reflex bows, learn about weapons and costumes from the time of the conquest and ride a horse.

The Törköly band will provide the entertainment, and the Bihari Banda Traditional Association will hold a traditional dance show and dance festival to celebrate the New Bread Festival. Of course, there will also be a new bread tasting, and the exhibition “From Wheat to Bread” will still be on display in the House of Nature.

Of course, this time there will be a forest hike: nature lovers can follow the treasures of the August forest with nature educator Edit Varga.

Our collaborating partners:

  • Debrecen Historical Era Heritage Association.
  • Bihari Banda Traditional Preservation Association
  • Törköly Band
  • HAHA Association
  • Koleszár family
  • The School of Nature
  • The celebration is supported by the Zsuzsi Forest Railway Foundation!